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war is what i love's Journal

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28th April 2004

6:10pm: huh what, Esprite!!!!!!!!!
nobody post on livejournal anymore everyone is becoming a myspace whore i tell you!!!
Current Mood: full

4 shot(s) to the heart

18th April 2004

9:04pm: curtis is gay i cant stand people that base there life on lies
havent posted in forever. this weekend was pretty rad. started with senior dish day. me jermey jesus dan miles and moe went to dennys which was fun went to jerms and that dude curtis calls moe so we can pick his butt up so we can have band pratice (he plays the geeetar heee suckss but he told us he was good ) picked him up he sucks and he told dan in his face he didnt like him everyone is the band hates the guy i felt bad but dont care anymore cuz his life is based on all these lies he is lame. saturday was fun went ova to bri's and got picked up by jesus and went to del and umm went with christina to watch a movie at annicas with was boring and almost fell asleep sunday went to church a show and ice cream with the gang
Current Mood: lazy

5 shot(s) to the heart

24th March 2004

12:10am: midgets are cool

1 shot(s) to the heart

7th March 2004

10:06pm: i wanna turn my tv on with a gun and change the channels
Current Mood: good

7 shot(s) to the heart

2nd March 2004

5:50pm: i hate guns alot thats the only thing i hate in this world
Current Mood: frustrated

8 shot(s) to the heart

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